We use Naturally Energy

We get 60 Kw/h Sollar Energy every day, which is 1/3 to supply ourselves.

We have 60 Sollar panels installed on the backside from our mainhouse and the roof from our rooms.

every panel support us with 250 W 230 V

Backside from our main building. Not visible for guest.

But surely I show and explain the whole system for every guest who asks me.

Click on link to check online our power production

There are 3 different systems with 20 panels each delivering 20 Kw/h per day, with good sunshine a total of 60 Kw/h.


20 Kw/h Power system 1 APS 20 Panels

10 panels in front, and 10 panels on backside.

All controlled over internet

20 panels on front and backside on our twin bed rooms


Blackouts occur regularly in the Philippines, usually if it rains or during storms.

Our 40 Kw generator will make sure that the air conditioning and everything else will be available also during the blackouts.

Water temp 58 Degrees Celsius = 135 F

left: simple thermometer. midle: timer (every hour on vor 10 min) right: thermostat with sensor under the metal roof. if temp. is ofer 45 degres system is on, if temp get under 45 degres, system shut down.

Our home made sollar water heater. 400 m pe pipe and 400 liter thank.

we get 400 liters hot water for free

pressure thank and small waterpump, with timer. every hour run vor 10 mins.