All about money

The local currency is Php, the Philipines Peso (The Peso has its origin in Spain. The Spanish had a lot of influence in the Philipines 500 years ago).

You can change money at different places, but the exchange rates are mostly very bad. Dive shops will accept payments in Euro, Swiss franc or Dollar.

Everything else has to be paid in local currency Php.


Cash is welcome with us

We accept cash payment only in Php (Philippine Peso) as payment no foreign currencies.
You can also pay by credit card, but you will have to pay 5% extra charge


Cash machine (ATM)

The safest and cheapest way to get cash is at the cash machine (Bankomat) with your EC or credit card.

Update May 2016: EC cards are currently not supported in the entire Philippines, because the ATMs do not comply with the European standard!
Creditcards is no problem!

Cash at the ATM (Bankomat) ensures a regular currency rate, but it costs abt. 180-200.- Php per transaction. Therefore we recommend to take 10.000 Php at once in order to minimize the transaction fee.

As we are away from the city it may happen that the ATM is empty or ofline for 1-3 days. We recommend you bring a little cash as well!

ATM ThreeSixty Pharmacy     --> on Google Map

ATM Gaisano Supermarkt     --> on Google Map

ATM Eves Kiosk                     --> on Google Map

Money changer Moalboal     --> on Google Map

Money changer Savedra       --> on Google Map



Ask your bank before starting your journey!

We suggest to check with your bank the extra charges for each use of your EC or credit card overseas beforehand. This way you can avoid bad feelings afterwards.


We are really happy that we have now 2 cash machines in Moalboal (yeah, since about a year :) ). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This lasts sometimes for about 2-3 days.

Therefore it will always be wise to have some spare Euros or Pesos at hand for cases like this. In cases of emergency you can of course try the cash machine in the next city, but even those are sometimes out of order at the same time. 


All Rooms is fitted with a safe to secure your valuables which is embedded in the wall.


Our area is safe!

Our area is video controlled and surrounded by high walls. Furthermore our dog "Twinke" a Doberman, are helping us to ensure a silent und unhurried night (She are well-behaved and don't bite our guests).