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You can pay by Paypal or Credit Card.

For payment with bank transfer (min stay 1 week), please use the request form at the bottom of this page.


Minimum stay for use online booking directly with us is betwen 1 and 3 days, depend the date!

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If you want to book less than 3 days, you can book it at



If you want to book less than 3 days, you can book it at


Payment is possible here with Paypal, Creditcard (or Banktransfer if ammount bigger than 20000.php and reservation more then 3 weeks in advance)


Or here you can find all our rooms at AirBnB or Tripadvisor

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Please booking on Airbnb for best price and easy reservation!

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We also offer a reservation on Tripadvisor

Please note that due to different calculations and fees of the portals small price differences arise. The choice is left to you :)


   Please understand

  • We are a very small resort with only 8 rooms and we are not really interested in 1 day and weekend bookings.

  • We have a minimum stay of 2-4 days, depend the date, 1 day you can only book if there are small gaps in the calendar and / or 1-3 days before your arrival!

  • Since we have only a few staff, we can not manage large groups.

  • We accept reservations only against advance payment!

              Spezial request

Prices vary according to length of stay, number of persons, date, room type and the date you like to book.

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please use the online booking site

This contact form is for all the other questions you have about us and our resort

We do not answer any room rates requests!