Due to corona virus and 100's e-mails we will not reply to mails!


If You conntact us for cancellation, please read the cancellation policy first you agree on the time you make your reservation!

We have already advised on your booking confirmation to take out travel insurance and that we strictly follow our policy.

As we have refunded already 100's of bookings, and most of our bookings is cancelled until end of 2020, we nearly bankrupt now, we have to manage first to pay our our workers and maintennance.

We still have to process the existing bookings and serve the arriving guests.
At the moment we cant refund or change date from reservations!

Reservations with date after March 15th will not be canceled free of charge, it remains to be seen whether the situation will normalize again by then and the travel bans will be lifted.

how do you contact us?

Dear Guest

Please use the message system of booking.com, agoda.com, expedia.com, Hotels.com, tripadvisor.com,  or wherever you have made your reservation.

So we know who we are talking to, and see your travel dates, length of stay, room number, arrival time,
followed by our full previous communication including all information about special request, late arrival, airport transfer etc.

Please do not contact us to our private e-mail, facebook or private website where we have to ask you first for all the information and search your booking for long time on all this different portals!

We can also send information that we have already prepared, and do not have to rewrite it for every guest again!

Please understand, we get more then 1000 reservation every year, we can't manage all this request on facebook, whats app, skype, e-mail and phone.
It makes no sense for us if you write private e-mails to me and make arrangement.

You can reply to us directly to one of the e-mails you receive from agoda, booking.com expedia Hotel.com they will be forwarded directly to us!!

Or then log in tou your account on the booking portal where you make your booking and use the message system there !!

A coppy of my and your e-mail messages will be saved on the booking website, and you, my and my staff have access to it.

No misunderstanding, all agreements on a save place, no seaching for e-mails and messages !!

Here is an example of how we have the overview (example booking.com)

that's what Booking.com message system looks like

that's what Agoda.com message system looks like

that's what Expedia.com message sytem looks like